September 9, 2019

Katrina & Casey's Wedding at the Somerville Elks, in Somerville, NJ

We are absolutely in love with Katrina and Casey's wedding.
The day could not have gone any better and it was no surprise to us. This was due to one simple fact, the joy that they brought to each other and their families.  When we see two people make each other as happy as Katrina and Casey do, we get reminded why we love our job.  

Katrina and Casey had the sweetest first look with each other and afterwards their Dads joined. It was one of the most emotional moments that we have been able to witness in a long time. The excitement to see each other was visible. They could hardly wait.  As soon as they saw each other, all the emotions they had been holding in came pouring out! Both Dads followed suit when they saw their daughters for the first time in wedding dresses.  This amazing start to the day was followed by a gorgeous ceremony and a killer party!

There really are no words we can say to describe the love Katrina and Casey have for each other and we wish them nothing but the best!  Thanks so much for trusting us and allowing us to be there for such an important time in your lives.  

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