March 24, 2018

Kimberly & Jason's NYE Wedding at The Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury

We had such an amazing 2017 and are so happy to have ended our year with Kimberly & Jason.  They are absolutely adorable together & make our job that much more fun.  Kimberly has a way of bringing out some of the biggest smiles in Jason.

March 5, 2018

Tanner & Joe's Wedding at the Franklin Institute

When Tanner & Joe came over to meet us at the Philadelphia Bridal Show, we had a feeling we would get along because we probably spent 20 minutes speaking to them.  For those that have yet to experience a bridal show, that is an incredibly long time!  They also were down to meet us for cheese steaks for our follow up meeting which happens to be our ideal meeting place! 

March 1, 2018

The many faces of the Roma People in Macedonia - H.E.R.A Organization

One of the amazing jobs that the HERA Paralegals do is go from home to home, on foot, offering advice and assistance to Roma families.  In the above photo, a little Roma boy sat on the floor looking up at his mom, sad & scared, as she was explaining to the HERA Paralegals her troubles with getting healthcare for his brother with epilepsy.   All while his siblings in the window are happy just to have visitors.