September 23, 2019

Hope & Zach's Engagement Session in Philadelphia, PA

We were thrilled to be able to fit in some time with Hope & Zach for their engagement session before their November 2019 wedding. 
We feel strongly about having to opportunity to hang out with our clients and basically practice for the wedding day in a less stressful environment.  Plus they get to walk away with some fun portraits of each other.  It really makes the portrait time on a wedding day go much smoother.  In most cases on the actual wedding day we have very little time for photos, you know, with the actual wedding getting in the way of things, lol!  In all seriousness, Zach is not home a lot since he is an active duty Marine stationed outside of New Jersey, so we were really not sure if we could squeeze it in or not, but we did.  It was great to be able to get to know Hope & Zach and their adorable dog Roxy as well.  Their engagement session made us that much more excited about being able to document their wedding day!

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