January 8, 2018

Shaina & Patrick's Wedding at La Luna Banquet Hall in Bensalem, PA

We have to say Shaina & Patrick's wedding was such a nice suprise for us.  We always love our couples and we know when they book us we will get along, but we could not have forseen getting a long with Shaina, Patrick & their friends/family quite as well as we did.  We walked away from their wedding just in love with their family!

The wedding was at La Luna Banquet Hall in Bensalem, PA.  The ladies got ready upstairs at The Ellerslie Manor House and the boys were downstairs.  When everyone was ready we headed out so Shaina & Patrick could see each other for the first time.  As soon as Pat saw Shaina, the man who at glance you would never think he shed a tear in his life, was choked up.  Seriously, the love this man has for his now wife & their daughters is amazing! Of course all of the girls adore him as well.

The rest of the day was filled with their 4 daughters just being absolutely adorable at every turn, he Pope showing up to marry them (Yep, you heard right, The Pope.  Or the Pope of La Luna for the day), laughs, unforgettable speeches from the girls & an amazing party!

We are so happy to have met you both and wish you guys nothing but the best!

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  1. Such an emotion in your photographs! You have a great way to capture the moments! Love it!


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