December 22, 2017

Rachel & Al's Wedding at The Lake House Inn in Perkasie, PA

Rachel & Al's wedding was nothing but gorgeous!  We were lucky enough to join them at The Lake House Inn on a picture perfect day in October to celebrate their wedding.
We rarely shoot more then one wedding per weekend because we are always with our clients for the ENTIRE day, from the moment the girls start getting ready, right up until the last drunken guest is peeled off the dance floor.  However; this weekend was special, we had three weddings...yes three!  We would never have agreed to this if we did not absolutely fall in love with all of the couples.  Our crazy weekend started with Rachel & Al and instead of draining some of our energy for the weekend, they really got us amped to keep working.  This was because we had such a great time shooting with them and their personalities and love for each other just brought a great energy to the day!

Everything from early morning preparations, to the first look and ceremony was beautiful and emotional!  We then walked around the grounds for some photos, which turned out to be interesting!  While walking along the lake, Al received a little present from nature when he stepped in an unwanted substance!  Luckily it was not on Rachel's dress.  This was followed by an insane reception where the word celebration does not even begin to describe the party!

We are so happy to have met you both and enjoyed being apart of your wedding day!

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