January 24, 2017

Netasha & Ryan's Glamorous Wedding at The Rockleigh

Netasha & Ryan....where can we start with them.  First of all, the energy the wedding party had when we showed up fit perfectly into our crazy personalities.  We both said Netasha is a spitting image of a younger Whitney Houston, but by the time she was done with make up and hair, she was a much hotter Whitney Houston (sorry Whitney).  Second, they have such a large group of close friends that anyone who has the chance to hang out with them will 100% be jealous.  

Very much like Nick & I, they knew each other long before they became a couple.  Friendship is really what builds the foundation of a beautiful relationship.  You can see in the photos how happy these two are and take it from us, they are comfortable to be themselves around each other.  

Enough about the mushy stuff....boy can these two throw a party!!!  We LOVE nothing more then the reception and being in the middle of the dance floor enjoying and shooting the craziness.  This was EXACTLY that, so much energy, so much fun that the night flew by.  There was not a single person without a smile on their face or on the dance floor.  Not to mention it was the best garter and bouquet toss we have seen in 2016.  We really thought the ladies would break out into a fist fight.  The photos really speak for themselves, so enjoy!!


  1. Stunning imagery! Love the Rockleigh, you guys hit it out the park!!

  2. Love the cell phone bow tie image!!


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