November 26, 2019

Malena & Kah'lou's Wedding at Prallsville Mill in Princeton, NJ

OK, so full disclosure… We have known and loved Malena for many years before she became one of our brides. She is an amazing human being who works for what we feel is one of the most incredible nonprofit organizations in the country. It is through that organization, Good Grief, that we got to know and love her and her then-boyfriend Kah’lou.
Let’s start at the end. Late in the evening during their wedding, Kah’lou exclaimed, “MY HEART IS SO FULL RIGHT NOW!!!!” Why? Where did this vigorous sentiment come from? 
Kah’lou was reflecting on the preceding hours when he got to see and interact with all his family and friends. Distant, immediate, kindergarten, work, they were all there. The reason I think this detail is so immensely important is because it shows exactly the type of person he is and the type of couple they are. Nothing comes before the interpersonal relationships these two engage in. Separately, they can both light up a room simply by their presence. Together they are nothing short of a power couple.
Back to the beginning. Malena planned the wedding and all its many details almost entirely by herself. She happens to be one hell of a planner. Attention to detail is one of her most amazing characteristics, and she did not disappoint. From the d├ęcor to the games, everything was perfect! Kah’lou, being a chef by trade, had his say over the food and there wasn’t a bite to be had that wasn’t unique and delicious!
Every once in a while, when we are driving home after a 14-hour day, one of us will take a second to say how much we love each other, and this was one of those nights. Corny, I know. Maybe it’s the love of the couple we just got done photographing rubbing off on us a little? In Malena and Kah’lou’s case, there were no maybes involved. Their infectiousness makes everyone around them feel that way. After all, a rising tide raises all boats.
Thank you to Malena and Kah’lou for including us in this celebration of love and allowing us to document every special moment.

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