February 7, 2019

Erica & Patrick's Wedding at Memorytown USA in Poconos, PA

One of the best ways that we can meet new couples is through friends or past couples.  When we hook up with them this way we know our personalities will match and we will get along great!
From the second Erica and Patrick came to our home to discuss their wedding weekend we could not wait until it was time to shoot their wedding.  We were beyond thrilled to be invited to stay the weekend in the Poconos along with their family and friends so we could be there for the rehearsal dinner and start with them bright and early on the wedding day.

Erica had a blast hanging with her girls and pups in the am while Patrick and the boys were being silly as usual in their cabins while attempting to put themselves together for the ceremony.  Everything from the first look, to the gorgeous ceremony to the batshit crazy ceremony was such an honor to be a part of.  I do not think we have seen a bride be picked up as many times as we did at Erica and Patrick's wedding, nor have we seen guests put their dates on their shoulders and run through the reception like it was a 50 meter sprint.   You HAVE to get to the bottom of the post to see these photos!

I said to Erica when we delivered the photos, I had just as much fun editing these photos as I did when we were shooting them.  We can not wait to see what life has in store for them and we know we have found some lifelong friends.

We of course can not forget the many people who were missed on Erica and Patrick's wedding day.  Those same people's presence was felt and were watching over every second of Erica and Patrick's day.  Thank you so much to both of you for allowing us document and get to know you, your family and friends on such an important day of your lives.

Thank You Barry Chapman for Shooting this wedding with us!

Venue:  Memorytown USA in Poconos, PA
Entertainment:  Vision Entertainment

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