October 24, 2017

Kristin & Mike's Engagement Session in New Hope, PA

We had the pleasure of meeting Kristin and Mike through the referral of a few friends/past clients over a year ago.  We were excited when the time came to finally take them out for their engagement session.  We had a gorgeous afternoon to hang out in New Hope, PA.  We went from NJ to PA and back:) 
Here is a little sneak peek into their Engagement Session as well s their Engagement Story, written by Kristin!  I love this story and love how she tells it!

We are looking forward to shooting their wedding next year!

Their Engagement Story

"Mike proposed to me when we were down the shore with his family in summer of 2016. It was a Friday and we all just got back to the shore house and I was wiped out from the sun and all I wanted to do was relax but nooooo. We had to take our stupid family photo infront of the house like we do each year. So finally after a million pictures Mike asked to go watch the sunset. I was tired hungry and cranky and all I wanted to do was relax and eat at this point. So my niece was having a breakdown and everything was hectic at the time. So Mike kept bugging me and I kept saying no. So at this point Mike's Dad steps in and says "Kristin get in the car because were all going to watch the sunset at the pier but we have to put Edith down because she's tired and didn't nap all day." So he drops us off at the pier and were sitting down on the bench next to the water. At this point I'm pissed off I'm here and none of his family has yet to show up. I keep asking Mike where are they? So he's on the phone, or at least I think he is, with his dad and he tells me they are on there way. So I'm on facebook pissed of and he walks around back of the bench and learn over to hug me from behind and tell me how much he loves me and I'm half listening at this point. When he comes around in front of me and is standing holding the box. All I heard since I was blocking him out was there were a million ways I could have asked you but I doesn't really matter. All that matters is if you say yes. My face lit up and I replied "are you going to get down on one knee?" Mike goes yes. I didn't get there yet lol. So he got down on one knee and the people at the pier took a photo for us. When his dad picked us up to bring us back to the house, my family was there and we all celebrated the night away. "

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