September 27, 2017

Brittany & Eric's Wedding at the Downtown Club, Philadelphia, PA

Brittany & Eric had their gorgeous wedding in Philadelphia which started at the Lowes Hotel and ended at the Down Town Club where they were married by Brittany's brother in law Kevin.

Brittany & the Ladies got ready at Rittenhouse Salon & the Lowes Hotel, joined by their dog who is just the cutest!  The girls did anything they could to help Brit get ready for the big day, including having her mom make sure she was securely in her dress.  Even if that meant picking her up off the ground as she pulled the dress up:)

After Brittany & Eric saw each other for the first time we all hoped on the trolley to head out into the city.  We had such a great time with this crew going around Philly for a few portraits & group shots!  We went from Broad Street, to City Hall, to the park and back to The Downtown Club and there was no shortage of a party on the trolley while Brittany and Eric jumped on and off.

Brittany's Dad made sure everything was perfect on her from the beginning of the day until the end.  He fluffed her dress, held purses, he even ran back to their apartment to get her shoes that were left there.  Little did anyone know the alarm would accidently go off and it took him a little longer then we thought:)  You can tell how much these two are loved by their family and friends and how much they really do love each other!  They had huge smiles on their faces the entire day.  Thanks so much for allowing us to be apart of your day!

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