March 6, 2017

What you will miss if you limit hours for photography on your wedding day!!

As photographers, there is nothing more that we hate then missing out on a moment that should be captured and shared with others.  When you limit hours of photography coverage on your wedding day, the first things to not get covered are the time leading up to the ceremony and the end of the reception.  Why this is NOT good....
These happen to be our favorite parts of the day.  In the beginning of the day, there are so many emotions because of the anticipation of the wedding.  These moments are usually only shared by close family and the bridal party.  Being able to share these with other friends and, most importantly, your husband or wife is always such a special thing.  Whether it is having your friends help you take off your bra, shoving a cheeseburger down your throat before the day starts, your dad or mom crying when they see you for the first time, setting up your reception, or your VERY tall brother putting on your shoes, our couples are always so happy to have this part of the day documented so they can share it with all of the loved ones who did not witness the beginning of their wedding day story.

As for the last few hours of the receptions....well, the photos speak for themselves.  This is when the celebration is at its peek.  Everyone is relaxed (maybe a little buzzed) and the real fun begins.  This is by far our favorite part!!!  Celebrating the love you share with your new husband or wife, with your friends and family is so important and these are the hours where you can really do so.  

There is not one minute of the day that should not be documented, so keep that in mind when planning.  Here are some of our favorite before wedding and after wedding photos, in no particular order.

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