June 6, 2016

Good Grief Run 5K Run and Walk for Hope 2016 - Giralda Farms

This weekend we had the pleasure of photographing the Good Grief 5K Run and Walk of 2016 at Giralda Farms.  Each year these kids and their families amaze us more and more and this year was no different.  

If you have every been affected by loss or know someone who has....

you will know what kind of strength these kids have.  We had people tell us they hope the 5K will not be cancelled due to weather.  My response, nothing stops these kids and families and as you can see below I was right.   This organization is very near and dear to our hearts on a personal level and we are so honored to have been a part of such a wonderful day.  

Nick's life would have been very different if an organization like this was around when he lost his dad, so lets make sure to help as many kids as possible.  This Charity provides FREE support to children, teens, and young adults after the death of a mom, dad, brother, or sister.  You can donate at anytime, please visit http://www.good-grief.org/ .