October 23, 2015

Good Grief 2015 Great Pumpkin Ball

Each year we give our time to one of our favorite organizations, Good Grief, Inc.  Here are a few photos from this years Great Pumpkin Ball, held at the Canoe Brook Country Club, as well as a quote from that evening that really explains what this organization is all about...

"Tonight, I’m asking you to imagine what life must be like for a child whose mom, dad, sister, or brother died. Now, before you recoil and get lost in the sadness of those thoughts, we need you to listen carefully to the incredible amount of courage, hope, and possibility that fills our Morristown and Princeton homes. - There is great healing and power in the human connection. When we lose people we love we experience grief. When we lose people we love, we need •people• to help us move forward." Gg CEO, Joe Primo